Maxiavalanche Europcup Vallnord Bike Park, Andorra

Last weekend was the ENDURO MASS START DOWNHILL MARATHON, or MAXIAVALANCHE in Vallnord, Andorra. 
Manon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-9806.jpg
The riders will start together which I have been told is really addictive and gives a real adrenaline rush. Ooh my, I thought going down hill alone was a real challenge....
The start was at the Pic de Cubil at 2833 meters high to La Massana at about 1500 meters and the races will be spread from Saturday for the qualifying until Sunday with two rounds in each group. This year the women started together with the men in the same group. There were about 500 riders divided in 3 groups. This spectacular mass start attracts riders from different countries, but most riders came from Spain, France and Andorra. Cedric Gracia won second place. Here are some of the photos taken during the weekend.  On my Facebook Page you can find all the photos of the riders during the weekend
Manon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-8295.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-8304.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-8248.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-8557.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-9062.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-9101.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-9965.jpg
EUROP CUP SCRATCH: 1. Damien Oton 2. Cédric Gracia 3. Yoann Barelli
EUROP CUP DAMES: 1. Nadine Spine 2. Emilie Serre 3. Lea Giraud 
Manon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-0354.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-0364.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-0372.jpg

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