Graffiti photoshoot kids

Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7702.jpg

Graffiti always works for me.

I love the look of it, it is very colorful and I really like to play with the background and the colors.

Here in Lloret de Mar (Spain) you can find lots of it.

I went there with two special little models, Leyla (6 years old) and Morris (5 years old) and let them choose their favorite spot on the graffiti wall.

I love the creativity that came out of this. Them finding their preferred spot, posing and me photographing.

c66-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7696.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7736.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7674.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7690.jpg

c31-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7736.jpgc47-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7674.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7678.jpgc18-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7690.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7699.jpgc81-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7696.jpgc20-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7753.jpgc16-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7702.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7704.jpg

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