Graffiti photoshoot kids

Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7702.jpg

Graffiti always works for me.

I love the look of it, it is very colorful and I really like to play with the background and the colors.

Here in Lloret de Mar (Spain) you can find lots of it.

I went there with two special little models, Leyla (6 years old) and Morris (5 years old) and let them choose their favorite spot on the graffiti wall.

I love the creativity that came out of this. Them finding their preferred spot, posing and me photographing.

c66-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7696.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7736.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7674.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7690.jpg

c31-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7736.jpgc47-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7674.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7678.jpgc18-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7690.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7699.jpgc81-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7696.jpgc20-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7753.jpgc16-Manon Hooijschuur Photography-7702.jpgManon Hooijschuur Photography-7704.jpg

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Maxiavalanche Europcup Vallnord Bike Park, Andorra

Last weekend was the ENDURO MASS START DOWNHILL MARATHON, or MAXIAVALANCHE in Vallnord, Andorra. 
Manon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-9806.jpg
The riders will start together which I have been told is really addictive and gives a real adrenaline rush. Ooh my, I thought going down hill alone was a real challenge....
The start was at the Pic de Cubil at 2833 meters high to La Massana at about 1500 meters and the races will be spread from Saturday for the qualifying until Sunday with two rounds in each group. This year the women started together with the men in the same group. There were about 500 riders divided in 3 groups. This spectacular mass start attracts riders from different countries, but most riders came from Spain, France and Andorra. Cedric Gracia won second place. Here are some of the photos taken during the weekend.  On my Facebook Page you can find all the photos of the riders during the weekend
Manon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-8295.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-8304.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-8248.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-8557.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-9062.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-9101.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-9965.jpg
EUROP CUP SCRATCH: 1. Damien Oton 2. Cédric Gracia 3. Yoann Barelli
EUROP CUP DAMES: 1. Nadine Spine 2. Emilie Serre 3. Lea Giraud 
Manon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-0354.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-0364.jpgManon Hooijschuur Maxiavalanche-0372.jpg

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Descenso Sant Andreu de la Barca

Today I went to the Down Hill competition in Sant Andreu de la Barca: Descenso Sant Andreu de la Barca. This was the start of the Open de Espana 2014. This Spain Championship was cancelled for 2 years, but finally organized again! There were over 400 riders with some competing in the World Championships. Some competing riders are Steve Peat, who won the UCI DH World Championship as well as World Cup winner, Bernat Guardia, Toni Ferreiro and others.


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Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park

We have been travelling through the United States of America a couple of 
months ago and due to the closing of all of the National Parks there, 
we were 'forced' to have a look at some other beautiful places besides 
these National Parks. So I went to Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab 
(the famous Arches National Park was closed....) and I was amazed! 
This was a place I would never have gone to, but I am very happy that 
I did. It is a couple of kilometers from Moab and provides 
a breathtaking panorama of the Canyonlands State Park.
The name Dead Horse Point comes from a legend. Back in the days the 
point was used as a corral for wild mustangs wandering the mesa top. 
Cowboys herded them across the land onto the point and then fenced 
the land off with branches and brush. One time, for some unknown 
reason, horses were left enclosed on the waterless point where they 
died of thirst within view of the Colorado River 600 meters below.

Ok not such a nice story, but the view is endless! 
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Motocross Santa Coloma de Farners

Todas las fotos del motocross de Santa Coloma de Farners estan en mi pagina web… Aqui hay unas fotos!

All the photos of Santa Coloma de Farners are online! Here is an impression


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Having some fun

Today my little model was dressing up and of course I couldn’t resist taking a photo …..

Leyla pp internet.jpg

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Skatepark session in Andorra

Instead of going into the mountains, today I went to a local skatepark and took some photos of a lovely six year old.




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FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup at Vallnord – Arcalis (SBX)

This is one of THE events held here in Andorra this winter. 
The best snowboarders of the international arena were present in their last World Cup event for the 
Sochi Olympic Winter Games. 
The competition was held on La Coma slope in Vallnord - Arcalis. 
Amazing to see them finish!
Podium Ladies: First Eva Samkova (CZE), Second Dominique Maltais (CAN) and Third Lindsey Jacobellis (USA)
Podium Men: First Omar Visintin (ITA), Second Lucas Eguibar Breton (SPA) and Third Luca Matteotti (ITA)



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Myanmar, BaganMYANMAR
One word: Amazing. Another: Authentic.
We've been traveling through beautiful 
Myanmar (former Birma).
Loved the nature, super-friendly and 
(as far as I can tell) 
very happy people and rich 
Buddhistic culture.
It's like stepping into a time machine
to have a look back in time: 
Everything is still made by hand here.
Very photogenic country as well. I hope you will enjoy my photos and get as 
enthusiastic about Myanmar as I am.
If you have a chance to go there before mass tourism: This is the time. 

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UCI World Cup Down Hill Andorra 2013

Greg Minnaar

Greg Minnaar

A sneek peek of the bikers training and qualifying for the UCI World Cup Down Hill 2013 in Andorra.

It is the third race of the UCI World Cup Down Hill with an amazing track here in Vallnord, Andorra.



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